Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rough Waters

Smooth sailing ahead?

Tonight I swam open water in the beautiful Northumberland Straight in Northern Nova Scotia.  The water was rough though warm and I must confess I got a bit sea sick.  In total around 40 minutes of freestyle in a heavy sea.  It was fantastic.

I love swimming open water.  I have written about swimming open water before.  I believe I love it so much because it is as close to running as I can get while swimming.  It really is lovely.  I have been lucky to be living beside a lake in Halifax and live close to the ocean in my family home so I get the best of both worlds of open water.  It is also nice to be in warmer ocean water than the Pacific and without the fear of getting hit by a speedboat or eaten by an orca.  These open water days will not last much longer though as I can feel fall coming soon!

Thinking of fall...I start real training in September.  It has been a slow build up over the past few months and I am thinking about races again and looking forward to training hard.  I am getting in the pool with a new club this week which will be interesting.  I have never swam on a straight swim club so it ought to be an adventure!

I have been running and am actually holding myself back from training and starting tempos and intervals.  I am up to seven mile long runs (which blows my mind for many reasons).  What I am enjoying about running is enjoying accomplishing the little goals.  Running seven miles, three years ago, would not have seemed like more than an off day easy run.  Now it is a real accomplishment and feels hard.  I'm excited for when running is easy and fast again and I am craving getting onto a track but I need to be patient and work on my cycling.

My focus for the next two months will continue to be cycling and swimming.  I weirdly can't wait for the swim workout when it will be hard to get out of the pool because of exhaustion.  I think I am ready to go!

Happy Training!

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