Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have had my first injury!

It is a fine line when training between training enough, too much or too little.  After a few weeks of getting some base under my belt I was hit with right foot pain.  I was unable to walk for a week and feared a stress fracture however with the tell tale sign of tendonitis, crepitus, I was relieved.  After some rest, lots of ice and some good swimming I am pain free and ready to get back on my bike and run.

The weird thing about getting tendonitis in my foot has been that I was a bit excited about it.  It is a sign that I am actually training hard and putting some good work in.  It is hard to tell whether I am training enough as I have lost a great deal of fitness over the last two years.  I have to build slowly and be patient however I also need to take advantage of my time being off work and get fit.  I feel fit enough to start training with a team in the pool however cycling and running are a work in progress.

I am motivated and excited to train.  Now that I have been in Nova Scotia for almost two months I am feeling my spirit and energy returning.  I have lost weight and am getting back to looking like an endurance athlete again (not the goal, I guess a side effect of training).

Happy Training!

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