Saturday, July 26, 2014

Laying the Foundation

Here we go again.

I have made it to Nova Scotia and I am back in training.  I am not working and do not have any job prospects so I might as well spend my time working out.  I am far from fit though I am totally enjoying training.

I am not counting mileage or pace times or effort yet as I am doing what feels good and stopping at that.  I set little goals for myself.  Today I rode for 2 hours and ran for 20 with drills and strides.  Yesterday I swam to the falls and back from the wharf.  Tomorrow I hope to swim but maybe I will run or bike instead.

I have less than a week here in the country and then off to the small city of Halifax.  I'll be back in a 50 metre pool and will have a new set of roads to learn and navigate on my bike.  I'll also have some new trails to explore to get me inspired to run again.  I am excited!

I have a feeling this move will give me fodder for blogger.

Back in the game?  I hope so!

Happy Training!