Monday, May 12, 2014

Cross Country

All good things must come to an end.

I am moving to Nova Scotia!

After months of contemplation and reflection I have decided to move back home.  I have decided to move to Nova Scotia.  Although I am filled with excitement and anticipation I am also nervous to be living in a new city, starting a new job, making new friends and starting a new life.  I am also very sad to be leaving my friends I have made in Vancouver and this beautiful city.

There are many reasons I am moving with the most important being family.  When I moved to Vancouver I had the goal in mind of starting my own family here.  I wanted to work, train and fall in love.  I worked and I trained but the love did not show up.  I miss my family and without a family of my own it is vital for me to have their grounding.

I must also be honest about my experience in Vancouver.  It has not always been positive.  This is a hard city to live in despite being one of the most livable places in the world.  With it's beauty comes a superficial appreciation of what is around you.  It is not how well one does something or their intent behind what they are doing but rather how it looks.  It does not matter what the content is so long as it looks good.  I have encountered this in sport, work and especially in the gay world.  People here are superficially nice or not at all.  I have been yelled at for using a side walk.  I have had people repeatedly close elevator doors on me.  I have had doors slammed in my face. I have been yelled at skiing at Whistler several times.  I have been pushed off my bike.  I have been yelled at for running in Stanley Park.  I have been harassed walking down the street and I could go on.

I will look fondly on my years in Vancouver and I think it is important for me to leave as I start to hate living here.  As this city begins to grind on me and I begin to resent not being able to afford a home or a car it is best that I return to my homeland where life is simpler, more affordable and very friendly. 

I feel a spark lighting within and sport is a great way to make new friends and meet new people.  Who knows, maybe I will have a masters level comeback!

Happy Training!

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