Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Under Water

Swimming is going great!  Everything else is...

First the good news, swimming is going well.  I am getting stronger and a feel for the water again.  What is most encouraging for me is being able to swim Medley and actually hold my spot in the lane.  Typically in the past I would be able to keep up for fly, fall back for back and breast and then sprint the free to make the pace time.  Tonight I was able to take it easy during the back stroke and was still able to stay on pace.  Very exciting!

For as good as my swimming is going cycling is not going at all.  I have little desire to get on my bike even though once I am on my bike I have a great time and enjoy my rides.  This is my classic issue with cycling, I cannot manage to get on my bike.  I need to whip my butt in gear and get training.  June will be here soon!

Happy Training!

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