Thursday, September 12, 2013

Peaks and Valleys

That darn bike!

All the time I did triathlon when I was younger I hated cycling.  It was something that broke up my two loves, swimming and running.  Now I find myself already bailing on rides, what gives?

I think the issue is, I am tired of training alone.  Most of the training I have done in my life has been alone.  Day in and day out I pounded the pavement, by myself, for all my long runs and off day runs.  Even while I was in university and living with runners I still ran alone for my long runs, especially during the summer and once in grad school.

Moving out to Vancouver meant that I knew not a single soul who could run with me for my long runs.  I run too fast for most people's comfort.  With cycling speed is not the issue.  Lack of speed is the issue.  I fall between the two types of cycling groups you will find in the city.  I'm faster and more competitive than the recreational groups while too slow for the cyclist groups.  I have a few friends who ride however getting anyone to commit to anything is difficult.  I continue to ride alone.

At one point in my life it was my dream to meet a gay man who could either swim open water, cycle or run.  In my pipe dream we would meet at a race and he would fall in love with me just as quickly as I would fall in love with him.  I cannot think of a more amazing thing than to be able to do what I love most with the person I love most.  The dream has mostly died (to be honest with my dating history the dream of a boyfriend has died too) though there is a flicker of a hope.  Of course there is no evidence for this hope but one must keep dreaming.

Tonight was my first short course swim workout in a really long time.  Backstroke and freestyle and lots of kick were on the menu tonight.  If my cycling is less than inspired I can report I am really enjoying being in the water and swimming with my club.  It is nice to be in the water with old friends and lots of gays!

Happy training!

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