Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Week To Go

I have one week until I really begin training again.

It has been an interesting summer of trying to get back into the rhythm of life as an athlete in preparation for actually becoming an athlete again.  I spent a week at home in the Maritimes which helped get the feeling for training again as I had the time to run and swim without work or the city to get in the way.  I even had the chance to swim an open water workout with the PEI Canada Games Triathlon Team.  I was very excited to be able to keep up with the guys and girls without a wetsuit!

I have been thinking quite a bit since getting to the city from the Maritimes about life and where I want to be.  Without a partner or family or property grounding me anywhere I always have the opportunity to move whenever I want.  With the option of moving always present it offers the opportunity to escape when I feel a bit sad or down on myself.  This morning was one of the those mornings when I felt like Vancouver has become like a home for me.

I swam just over 1500 metres this morning (in a few short months that will be four km...).  What is most encouraging for me is running into a few people from my swim club at the pool and having a great chat with quite a few of them.  When I get away from sport I miss the friendships I have within the sports I have loved so much.  I got a few updates on swim team and already it is time for summer break to be over.  The registration party is this week and I am excited to reconnect with old friends, coaches and maybe make some new friends.

I am also excited to get some rhythm and routine back into my life.  I will have my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday swim workouts and five cycling workouts a week for the first three or four months of training.  My Saturdays are going to be quite the day as I hope to BRICK in the morning and have a hard swim workout in the evening.  I am going to be quite the sight to behold for the first few months.  Hopefully my body and mind will not fall apart.

My vacation from sport is really coming to an end and I am getting excited!

Happy Training!