Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Building Base

I am actually starting to get a bit fit again!

After false start after false start I am beginning to get consistent with training and working out.  It is a challenge to fit everything I want into each day though it is nice to be busy.  By the time I head to bed I almost fall asleep before my head hits the pillow.

Triathlon training takes a lot of time.  As a former runner I am accustomed to spending long hours pounding away on the trails and pavement to get in shape to race.  Triathlon presents a whole other time commitment beyond anything one can imagine.  I am not fit enough yet to be able to spend hours on my bike followed by running and stretching and drills and strengthening, but I am starting to get close.  My plan to start real training in September is still on track!

I anticipate some difficulty managing between my social life and my athletic pursuits.  When I was training hard for running the only thing I had ever really done as an adult was train and go to school/work.  I am still allowing myself to skip workouts in favor of going out and having social time with friends however I am skipping second planned workouts.  I am managing to slip primary workouts into mornings and around other activities.  Pretty soon skipping second workouts will not be possible. 

There is another important variable I anticipate having to balance.  I am dating a really great man.  I find it interesting that the couple years I took away from sport to be gay and find a boyfriend resulted in a lot of disappointment.  Once I really started to commit to training I met a guy.  It is still the early stages (reality check, very early) and it is very exciting!  He even rides a bike!

Today's workout
Swim: approximately 2 km open water
Weights: chest and legs

Tomorrow's goal
Bike hill workout (first one...)

Happy Training