Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bike Fit

What a few months!

Since last writing I have been to Thailand, started a get in shape plan and spent the last three weeks with strep throat.  Needless to report that I am very happy to be finished my antibiotics and feeling healthy.

One quick note about Thailand.  When I was in the North of the country, Chaing Mai, I only wanted to be there on a triathlon training camp.  There were many cyclists, I was staying close to a beautiful outdoor 25 m pool and the hot weather was perfect for my achy running bones.  My next trip to Thailand will be with a bike and a few training partners!

Today I finally got fitted to my bike.  It was my first bike fitting and it was very educational.  I learned that technically I am a terrible cyclist (my interpretation of the physio's feedback) but also that my bike was not set up for me to have optimal power and efficiency.  With the new set up my body is in a position to generate power while still maintaining comfort for long rides.  I also got some great technique tips that I focused on during my ride home.  My legs are destroyed though as I am recruiting new muscles to move me.  Hopefully this will also remedy some back issues I have been having while training. 
I am very excited to ride!

Historically I could be described as a terrible cyclist.  I can swim and I love being in the water.  Running is something I was born to do and it has always been my strongest event.  Cycling never really appealed to me as it always took too long, was uncomfortable and I sucked.  Hopefully now that I am on a bike that is comfortable (love my Cannondale!) and is fitted to me I will be off and training.

I am content moving forward with triathlon.  As I have a full time career (which I love!!!) I need to figure out how to get workouts completed during the day without training late into the night.  Regardless I need to be at work for 8 and I need lots of sleep.  Cycle commuting will help however I want to run and swim and do weights too.  The thing is, I do not want to go crazy working out a million times a day while also having a full time job and a social life (lame social life but I need to maintain it!).

Until September I am going to pull myself back from the gay party life and try and get back into thinking of myself as an athlete rather than former athlete.  I want to have improved fitness so that I feel athletic and fit.  I derive a significant amount of self esteem from being a good athlete and I would like to continue this.

It is going to be a slow process but I am hoping that this time next year I may be a gay triathlete who is ready to compete!

Happy Training!

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