Monday, October 15, 2012

Old Me

I feel old and I also feel the old me coming back.

The fun and exciting aspect of getting back into shape is accomplishing little goals every day.  Two years ago I would have laughed at the idea of running 5 miles as a great workout day.  Five miles would be equivalent to an easy off day run.  Today I ran 5 miles and it was a great goal to accomplish.

Another aspect I love about getting back into shape is realizing what a machine my body is.  I am a machine!  This past weekend I worked out for at least 5 hours of hard training with 3 hours in the pool.  I am only a couple of months into working out again so this great weekend of training is a very positive sign.  The most positive sign is how my body feels today.  It feels great!

Although I am enjoying the old feelings coming back I am also keenly aware that I am getting older.  I do not believe I will run best times again but thankfully I have never really maximized my potential as a triathlete.  With the way my swimming is going I think I will be swimming fast by summer.  Already I am swimming times close to what I was capable of when training for triathlon.

The biggest sport news I have is that I bought a speedy road bike and I love it.  I finally understand how people can spend all day on their bikes training and why people love their bikes so much.  My Cannondale CAAD 8 is sweet (a Cannondale rider won the tour of Beijing, FYI).

Looking forward I am running in the Whistler 50 this weekend with a group of strangers.  I know one person on the team.  I am running a 12.8 km leg which will be a challenge.  I will run a tempo on Wednesday (first tempo in 1.5 years!) and see what happens.  I am mostly really excited to train really hard again.  I have my fire back!

Happy Training!