Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Running is Hard

I have been running again and it is really hard.

Last night I went for what was supposed to be an easy run after a hard open water swim. I have not learned to jog yet so I wound up running with reckless abandon along Vancouver's seawall. I did some drills and strides after my run to open up my stride and maintain my running flexibility and strength. After being in my apartment for 15 minutes every muscle in my body tightened up and I was very sore.

I love being sore after a workout. It tells me I have done something to improve my body and performance. I realize that I am not training and thus should not be concerned with performance but I still want to be quick. I love the feeling of moving fast and I think I do not have the patience to run slow. I want to move and I have the fire to run fast and swim fast. My pain an fatigue after my relatively easy workout shows me that running is really hard and further, I am really tough.

With my returned interest in running and triathlon I am also pursuing tennis. I love hitting a tennis ball and there are few better feelings than setting up a great point in a match and finishing it with a great winner. I am surprised by my skill level after not playing for many years. I am trying out for a tennis team with Vancouver Tennis Association, a gay and lesbian tennis association. If I make this team I will be playing at a tournament in Seattle towards the end of the summer. I have my first try out tomorrow evening and I am excited and nervous. Tennis is a touchy sport and as I am a bit high strung I can have my game go off the rails quite quickly. I am going to focus on enjoying myself and having a good time. I will save the suffering for running and triathlon training.

I am absolutely loving getting into shape. I think I have a bit more of a bounce in my step. Most exciting is that I am trying to maintain my weight! I am not trying to lose any weight (most would say I am still too skinny). This may be difficult but I will ensure I continue to drink my 1000 calorie shakes after workouts.

Here's to doing what you love and loving what you are doing!

Happy Training!

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