Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Long Road Back

I am having quite the journey.

The last 6 months, and especially the last 2 months, have been quite formative and I have learned a lot about myself. It has been a very positive momentum shift and I am excited for the future. My horoscope on my birthday, almost 2 months ago, promised a terrific year where nothing could go wrong. I am feeling this prediction has been accurate.

It feels that in all aspects of my life things are really looking up. I am getting more energy leading into summer and I am excited to work out again and have even started doing hard workouts in the pool. I managed to swim 5 times 200 on 3 minutes. Not a very difficult set but I was getting 20 to 30 seconds recovery which was very surprising. To think I could have easily swum 200s on 2:50 or less is very positive. Me thinking that this matters is a sign that my competitive juices are flowing again. I want to do triathlon. I am loving swimming both in the pool and in the ocean. I started running again (boy am I sore...) and I would like to get on a bike again.

I have met a few interesting men and one in particular who has really given me a great feeling about myself and my expectations. For a while I had ignored some of the more important exclusion criteria when it comes to who I would date. I met interesting and adorable men but the differences between us become barriers to anything deep happening. When I was feeling a bit down I happened to meet someone, at the bar of all places, who is very much in line with the individual I may have thought I wanted to be with. He is fantastic in the things that are important to me. We share small similarities which create a type of rapport and ease of being between us. We both communicate in a similar fashion and he is bright and charming. We have worked out together and he is even a runner. Unfortunately he is only living in Vancity for a short time and will be back in Oz in a few short weeks. Although I ought to be disappointed, I feel that this rendezvous has offered me confirmation that there are super wonderful men out there. I just need to open my eyes to see them.

It is often hard to write when I am feeling happy. I do not feel I learn much when I am doing things right and the stars are aligned. It is also somewhat nauseating to read rainbow bright posts. I also have not been thinking much about being in sport. It is only lately that I have been seriously planning to race again. I will not be aiming to win the race but rather I will look to enjoy myself and have fun again. Now that my thinking has shifted I will write about a few workouts and possibly outline some of the work and improvement I am seeing.

I am going to enjoy riding the crest of this wave.

Happy Training!

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