Sunday, August 21, 2011

Next Chapter

As the summer quickly begins to slip by I am deciding to enter a new chapter of my life.

I have had a wonderful summer thus far with no focused run training and a good dose of playing and having fun. My days off have been filled with sun, sport and relaxation. I am bronzed and feeling good.

I do not believe I will be training running to compete anymore. I will run workouts to be able to run fast but no more mileage and skipping life to run. I have lost my desire. I do not want to be exhausted all the time anymore.

So what now? I super hyper and active so I will always be involved in some type of athletic activity. I will run on my own terms, swim, ski, play tennis and continue to work on getting some muscle. My perennial search for a boyfriend continues although this too has become utterly exhausting and frustrating. After many dates and disappointments and a few good infatuations I am tired of losing the games people play. I am going to work on cleaning up my diet even more and make this a priority. I am not going to be burning as many calories in the future so I must ensure I consume good calories. I must obtain a lifestyle diet.

I am going to try and continue to write although I am afraid inspiration is waning. I will try and capture this transition as best I can.

Happy Training!

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