Sunday, June 5, 2011

Training Effect

I am feeling the effect of some great workouts and a few wrong turns.

After a great workout on Thursday I hit the trails of UBC for an easy 20 minute shake out run. What started as 20 minutes turned into a 9 mile trek though the Endowment Lands (how appropriate that my favorite trails are in the Endowment Lands...). At the start of my run I was feeling very tired and sore and the legs were not shaking out. By the end of my overly long run I was tired and thinking about my Saturday track workout.

My legs were not feeling any better in the morning as I climbed onto my bike to head up the hill to the track. My warmup was a bit cautious and my strides and accelerations did not feel good. I could not get full range of motion and I felt slow and in a bit of pain. Our workout was 12 times 400 meters with 1 minute recovery.

I never felt good during the workout and every 400, including the first one, was a struggle. I finished the workout feeling drained and sore. I am satisfied with my effort as I pushed through some tough sections and some very negative self talk. There were a few times during the workout when I felt the best option was to step to the side of the track and call it a day. One of the keys of training is to push in the tired periods so that the recovery breeds results. I am already starting to look forward for a recovery period and a rested race.

My first real race of the year will be Monday night at SFU. I am running a track meet! This will be the first time I have run 5km on the track and only my third outdoor track meet. I am hoping to run well but this is more of a fun experience than anything else. I want to get my race legs before getting into road racing!

Happy Training!

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