Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad Luck

My lack of luck can be confirmed to have gone to bad luck.

I am not racing tonight as I have strep throat. Thankfully the antibiotics are starting to take effect but not soon enough to enable me to race. I am very frustrated as this was a key race for me and my prep for the summer and fall. For various reasons I wanted to get out there and blow some of the rust off of my running form. I really wanted to race hard tonight!

I made sacrifices for training this time. I gave up activities that I find really fun in order to train so I would have the opportunity to race again and run fast. When I find myself in a situation such as now, when I am not racing and cannot train, I wonder if my decisions are valid and if this is what I want to do.

I have only a few weeks until I go home and I am very excited. I will have to ensure I get in a few good workouts to ensure a quality race once I am home.

Happy Training!


I was able to run this morning and it was amazing. It started with randomly meeting a couple of good friends and training partners on the seawall and ended with some glorious barefoot running in the damp grass of a freshly mowed field. After a few months of hard training with very little recovery I forgot how it feels to run on rested legs. I felt light and incredibly fit on my run. Although I am very disappointed to have not been able to run, I have a great confidence in my fitness and I am very, very pleased to be running. I could feel the effects of illness and antibiotics but my body and legs felt stunning. I am very excited to race!


  1. You'll recover quickly I'm sure and you'll forget all about this race. This happened to me in early May.

    I was slated to race a 1500m on the track, my first in 10+ years, and it was going to be my final send off before my 2 week trip through Italy. The Thursday before the race I managed to overuse my achilles and was forced to scratch out of the race.

    Fast forward 5 week and tonight is my night. I'm running a 1500m race along with 126 other men, and I can't wait.

    I bet you'll work it out just as I have. The key to running well is to stay healthy, this is but a slight detour.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I added an addendum to my post. I had a great run this morning. I think it was time for me to have some recovery before my last training push! Have a great race!