Monday, June 13, 2011


I feel like my lack of luck is being replaced by bad luck.

I had a strong and hard workout last Thursday where I was able to take my training up a notch and push myself harder than I have been able to all year. I had the desire to dig deep over the course of a 3km, 2km, 2km workout to go to the scary place where I feel like my legs are going to give out and my heart explode. These workouts are when I can run myself blind. I love these workouts.

As I get older I find I do not recover as well as I once did. A couple of years ago I would wake up after a hard workout feeling sore but not too tired. Now I wake up exhausted. It was with this exhaustion that I set out Friday after work for an easy shake out run. For the second Friday in a row I got lost in the trails at UBC. Instead of an easy 40 minutes I found myself arriving back at the locker room after an hour. If I was tired starting my run I was frustrated and exhausted by the end. When I get lost my strategy is to run faster to find my way back to where I am going. This time my faster running enabled me to run further and further in the wrong direction, even after trying to figure out the map. My sense of direction, which was excellent, is now fucked. After years of running and never getting lost my luck has changed.

I woke up Saturday morning tired and dreading our track workout of 300's with descending recovery. I grabbed my watch and noticed that it no longer had power. This is not too traumatic but I do hate running a workout without my own time. I managed to get myself ready early, grabbed my bike and hit the pavement for my casual ride to the track. I clipped into my pedals and went to sit on my seat when it broke off of my bike. Thankfully I was able to maintain my balance and get off of my bike without a crash but I now had no way to get to the track besides run. I hit the pavement on my two feet with a small shoe bag, sports drink and my lightest training shoes in an effort to get to the track on time.

Once at the track I felt okay and the workout went well despite running up hill for 30 minutes and getting lost the previous day. I ran the split times that John wanted and they felt hard but good. I wore my spikes as they were the lightest shoes to carry. Unfortunately they also offer the least support and I may have strained my left foot. My legs were tired but I was able to push through the fatigue and run a good effort. I am very happy to be finished some very hard workouts and I feel like it is time for a little taper before racing this Friday.

A disappointing aspect of the weekend was the pain in my left foot. I had planned on going to an event on Saturday night but with pain in my foot I did not want to spend the evening dancing into the wee hours of the morning. I was able to run on Sunday with a little discomfort although I know the foot is there. My body is quite achy generally which I can attribute to some very hard training and extra mileage that was not planned. I just wish that I could some how figure out how to balance the demands of training with my desire to have a social life.

My dating life continues and I ought to write an anonymous blog on the events. The dating world is a tough one and I am seriously considering hanging up the towel. Going into dates I usually have the feeling 'I hope he likes me!' I now have a different perspective where I am thinking 'I hope this is not too painful' or 'I hope I don't hate him'. I have met some cool guys but they are not interested or our schedules are not compatible (which really means we are not that into each other...). I have yet to find a spark with anyone. It would be really nice to date someone and think that he is super wonderful. That does happen, right?

My luck has taken a bit of a dip. I am a touch frustrated. This frustration may be related to being tired from training and is definitely related to pounding my head against the dating wall. With some rest and a good race this weekend I will be feeling better before heading into my last hard block of training before going on vacation.

I also should write a race report on my 5 km track race! I ran 15:20 for my first race back as a fit runner. I will try to write more in a future post.

Happy Training!

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