Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hump

I might have climbed the hump!

After a really hard effort on Saturday morning I was a bit nervous to wake up on Sunday for my usual long run. Even once I was awake and up and about in my apartment I was stalling a bit before heading out the door to trudge through yet another rainy Vancouver day. I was very surprised to have a great long run along the Sea Wall and winding up and down and across beautiful Stanley Park.

My whole body felt rejuvenated. I am trying to figure out what I had done at my workout to explain this recovery. I did a few things differently. I ran a full 2 mile cool down with a mile of barefoot running on a very soft surface. I also got into the pool in the afternoon for an easy stretch out and pull session. I also relaxed all Saturday afternoon and ate well with lots of liquid protein and calories. I think the combination of working some lactate out of my muscles while ensuring I refueled properly had a very positive impact. I must remember this.

My body is also gradually getting used to the workload I am placing upon it. Although I have been quite gradual with my increase in training volume and intensity it is still a difficult transition. There is a point in the training when one starts to crave workouts rather than dread them. I getting closer to that point. I am almost or maybe over the training hump.

I am thinking of writing some blogs on exercise principles. I read a lot on the internet on 'health' blogs that is totally wrong and is not based on science. I want to delve into my kinesiology past and write a bit about training principles and why we are training what we train. There is actually a reason why we do the particular workouts we do!

Happy Training!

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