Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sun Run Race Report!

I dressed in my only pair of Lulu Lemon shorts and trainers and made my way to start my first race since injury. It was fun?

The Sun Run start is always a total gong show at the front of the pack. I positioned myself in the third row and planned on taking it easy for the first km and then working my way into the race to try and finish in a somewhat respectable time. At the 1 km mark I can report that I was in the middle of the lead women. Everyone goes out way too fast in the first km and I am sure there was some suffering because of that first km. I felt great after the first km and relaxed into my stride to find a group to run with.

Historically I have managed to find myself in no man's land in most races I run. Maybe it is my loner coming out. Today I found I could not manage to get into a good group to get pulled along. There was a group in front of me that I could have bridged but for some reason I just did not have the drive to get there. I may have lost some of my race instinct in the last few months. From the 4 km point I ran mostly on my own (I had a nice conversation at 4 km with someone who knew me), occasionally passing people but never getting passed.

I did not hit any really bad patches. There were no times during the race that I thought I was going to die. I did get bored around the 7 km mark and a bit frustrated. I wanted to go faster but I did not have the legs to go. I did not feel that tired I just could not really go faster although that was mostly mental. I had quite a bit of speed at the finish so I may have bagged the race a bit.

I felt good crossing the finish line and for the most part the race felt pretty routine. I am not that sore and I ran home feeling just fine. I think I ran mid 32. It is very encouraging to run mid 32 without too much pain or agony after quite a time off and only a few workouts. I also ran in my cushiony trainers and without a watch I guess that proves to me further that there is still some speed left in this body.

Now my goal is to get consistent training and build on this tempo/race into the summer. I just wish there were more road races in the summer. Track maybe?

Happy Training!


  1. Good run J congratulations. It was a great day and an awesome turnout, even with the apartment fire on Beach Ave. ChristopherYVR