Sunday, April 3, 2011

Preparation meets opportunity?

I have had my training side railed by my social and treatment life.

Balancing running, weights, swimming, work, dating, going out dancing, traveling, skiing, massage, physio, doctor, dentist and hair appointments has become somewhat of a logistical nightmare. Not to mention trying to somehow fit cleaning, cooking and laundry into my already tight schedule is leaving me feeling a bit ragged and run down. I fell asleep this afternoon while watching a movie. This never happens.

I woke up early yesterday to run a tempo workout but felt like I had a hangover without drinking a drop of alcohol. I had plans for the majority of the day with 2 small windows of opportunity to run a dreaded tempo. I was able to fit my 20 minutes of pace work into my afternoon.

I was not excited to step out the door and trudge through Stanley Park. Once I had warmed up though I was feeling a bit more willing to push for the requisite 20 minutes. Overall I had a successful workout. I was able to run on pace without much distress and pushed the last three minutes of the tempo at a slow interval pace. I was pleased with my effort and took an extra long cool down. It is nice to feel a bit more fit and be able to have a relaxed long run home without too much exhaustion or fear of collapsing.

This morning I was able to do my 70 minute long run and it was satisfactory. My mind felt great and my foot even better. Every other part of my body was in pain. I can feel the training in my tired legs and they are starting to ache. I also feel the training in my upper body and back. My lower back has been on the sore side of normal and my shoulder girdle has been not the best. I had a bit of a scary moment at around the 50 minute mark when I started to have an aching in one of my lower legs. I am terrified of a stress fracture so I will have to watch this.

For much of my run today I was telling myself to relax and slow down. I did not feel as though I was going fast but I did feel like I was more anaerobic than I ought to have been on an easy long run. When people along the way are telling me "keep up the pace" I think I am running a bit fast. Maybe this is my subconscious telling my body to cram before Sun Run.

Sun Run is only 2 weeks away and I am feeling very under prepared. I have no idea what to expect. This is my first race towards getting in shape for summer races and fall training. This is a building block for motivation but also a measure of my desire. In many ways Sun Run will tell me if I want to return to hard training. If I cross the finish line after having fun along the race course yet wanting to run faster I will know that it is time to train. If I cross the finish line feeling like death and hating the whole thing I will know that maybe running might be done for me. As I am getting in better shape and the running is becoming more routine and easier I am thinking that I will enjoy the experience. The Sun Run is typically an amazing experience with exceptional organization so I can venture to guess that I will have fun!

This week coming up promises to be as busy as the past few. After a day in Whistler tomorrow I am going to have to find a way to find time to groom and train. Next weekend will be a gay holiday in Seattle. Many opportunities! I hope they do not impair my preparation too much!

Happy Training!

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