Monday, April 11, 2011

For The Fun Of It!

I am running the Sun Run with the objective to have fun.

My training is going well in light of the fact that I am very happy and am enjoying running. My training is not going well with regards to the actual quality of my running. Although I have been consistent with my training the speed has not been quite what I am used to nor have I been training with my team enough. This will change in the next few weeks.

It is weird to go into a big race with the goal being to have fun. What should I do in the first km? Last year I ran a 2:55. If I run that pace this year I will tank at 2 km so maybe I should run a 3:05? If I run a 3:05 I will be in the 50s or 60s going into the second km. I think I will go with the flow and run an easy first km with the idea to tempo hard the middle section of the race and maybe interval the last 2 km. Regardless I am looking to have fun and see some old friends from the running world.

My goals for the summer are pretty simple but there is one that is now in jeopardy. My goals were to win 3 races. I want to win the Pride and Remembrance Run as part of Toronto Pride, the Antigonish Highland Games 5 Mile Road Race and the North American Outgames 10 km Road Race. The problem with the Outgames race is the expense. In total it will cost $130.00 to run this race on the Seawall. Imagine paying $130.00 to run on the Seawall!

I understand the concept behind the Outgames and I certainly think they are a great idea but the expense is quite steep. I have never paid more than $80 for any race I have competed in and most runs I have completed have cost less that $40. For $80 one gets a very big race experience with amazing organization and a super venue. To be honest I have only paid this much for a triathlon which requires organization beyond that of a regular road race.

I have yet to decide if I will run at the Outgames. I do not like Seawall races and I do not want to pay a tonne of money to run on the Seawall. I would be interested in running a track meet but this too has quite a significant expense. I also have to work which may also put a wrench in the plans. I will have to decide soon as the early bird rate ends in the near future.

I hope to have some good training this week. I am feeling more fit every day and running is finally starting to get a bit easier. I am starting to feel like the old me and I am not afraid of bonking or collapsing on runs any more.

Happy Training!

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