Saturday, April 30, 2011


The dreaded 9 times 300 workout.

After a wonderful meal last night with a tasty glass of red wine I managed to wake up at 05:00 with a hangover. One glass of wine before bed and I woke up with a hangover. Needless to say I am not in the drinking shape of my youth. I re-awoke at 07:30 feeling tired and nauseous. I got out of bed at 08:00, made breakfast and slowly prepared to hit the track.

Upon turning into the drive at the track in my Zipcar I was taken aback by the hundreds of screaming children and their slightly disinterested yet entitled parents. I warmed up on the streets and then finished my warm up on the track. Prior to getting into any speed work I politely asked the people milling on the track to please step off the track as there is a team doing a workout on the track. Parents have attitude. I am unsure if it is the particular parent who has children in soccer or if this is a trend in this city but those people were very rude. I had to explain to one lady that the track is what we run on and that I did not know where she could stand to watch her son play. She was very very disrespectful. Of all the people I asked to step off of the track there was one family who were polite and responsive. That is 3 people out of 15-20. I am disappointed that these are the people who are procreating. I do not look forward to seeing the next generation in Vancouver if this is how parents behave.

Once the track was clear we began our workout of 9 times 300 meters with descending recovery. I was on my own for this workout and coach Hill was not there either which meant the recovery was honest. No stopping or long breaks between intervals. From the start I felt great although with a bit of fatigue in my quads and a muscle cramp in my forearm from doing chin-ups the day before. I hit my pace times for the first 3 intervals and then the times got slower. I was 3-4 seconds off of pace and it was a struggle. I did not float the recovery and upon starting a new interval I was breathing heavy and fatigued. Thankfully I hit my time on the last interval thanks to a guest appearance by Paul, back from Sweden to run the 1/2 marathon.

I am happy with my workout today. I did not quite run the times I had wanted but I gave a good effort and pushed hard through the end of the workout. I did not back off the pace or bake the recovery just to get a good time. In workouts with a controlled descending recovery the most important aspect of the workout is to honor the recovery. Keeping honest within the body of the workout ensures the benefits will be felt.

I am really starting to feel my running legs coming back. I am getting a bit of a spring in my step and my feet seem to be coming off of the ground a bit quicker and sharper. With every workout and run I feel my muscles starting to remember how to get those feet going. Hopefully I will be running like on hot pavement soon!

Happy Training!

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