Friday, April 22, 2011

1 7/8

2 times a mile and 7/8

There are 2 ways to run this workout and last night we ran it the fun way. Normally I can run this interval in 9:00 low but last night I was a bit slower running 9:21 and 9:16. I was pleased with my effort on achy legs and a still untrained heart and lungs. I am surprised by how my body seems to have maintained much of it's muscle memory and speed endurance.

I am also very pleased to have a group to run with. When I stopped training last year I was very lonely, especially during workouts. I found myself either running through the group or running totally on my own in front. When I was in a workout I could work hard to chase down people who started in front of me but once I passed them I was on my own. Day after day this type of training has a deep psychological effect. I would finish workouts physically drained and mentally spent after trying to continually motivate myself to beat an imaginary competitor in front of me. Now I have some talent to chase and it is great!

I am also encouraged as the 2 individuals I was running with last night both ran sub 32 at the Sun Run. If I can match pace with 2 men in 31:30 shape then things are looking up. I hope with a bit more fitness and confidence in my running I will be able to push them more. The one aspect of training I need to regain is working through the pain. I also need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I was unable to push through a tough section last night. When I felt the lactate creeping and my breath shortening I was not able to respond to the surge brought forth by my speedy club mates. With a couple months of training I will hope to be shoulder to shoulder with my club mates in some intense suffering!

I work this weekend so my training will be tempo and long run on the UBC campus. I hope it is not too busy!

Happy Training!

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  1. We have names, dont be to embarressed to say your running with your 44 year old Gramps Jay, its only a matter of time before you run off into the sunset and Im valliantly hanging, mind u it wont be like the old days, ol Gramps here is gnashing at the teeth these days! Im glad your back in the game, you will need to set that watch of yours to 0 so you can take your rightfull place back, as Ive just been keeping your position warm. Daniel is a great addition to the group, mind you funny how he kept barging me around in the reps, i think I heard you laughing at it. ps eveyone, Jay has a toned buff chest these days