Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Time

I have been busy.

Between an abnormal amount of dates, attempting to get back in shape and a regular social life I have been burning the candle at both ends. Training has been hit and miss and the adjustment to life as an athlete has been difficult.

I have had a few adventures and I continue to use cross training as a way to improve/maintain my fitness without burning out. I had an amazing ski morning on Saturday with a good and very fast friend!

Today I reluctantly made my way to the track at UBC to run a solo workout because of many different social commitments I have at the same time as my VFAC workouts. As I reached into my bag to grab my watch this afternoon I thought twice and decided not to time my workout. I ran 4, 4, 8, 4, 4, 8, 4, 4. I take half the interval as recovery. This is one of my favorite workouts and one that always reminds me of my summer training with the St.F.X. cross country team in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

When I run this workout I think of the 400's as quick and fast pieces and the 800's at steady and survivable. I like the 400's to be hard and hurt and the 800's to be grinders. This is a workout about perceived effort and I did not want to be disappointed with my efforts so I did not take one time.

I ran hard today and it was very tough. I maintained an active and honest recovery and ran what felt like a good effort. My heart rate was elevated and I seemed to be running at around 80%. I am still not up to full speed or even able to push as hard as I am accustomed. Tonight I am fatigued and tired showing a good effort. I am pleased.

After many posts about terrible dating and loneliness I am pleased to report some wonderful dating experiences. I have been feeling really good lately. living without chronic pain has made me pretty happy. It is a pleasure to run and this joy of being must be projecting from my countenance. I hope this string continues!

Happy Training!

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