Sunday, March 6, 2011

Front Runner

Yesterday I did a clinic with Front Runners of Vancouver. Front Runners is a group for gay runners to get together and do what they love, run!

It was amazing to talk to some of the runners in the group because there was an array of people who came from a running background including individuals who ran competitively in university and high school. The clinic itself was quite fun, it is always nice to share drills and strides!

Being around active gay people was very refreshing. There is a hope that one day I will meet a man who would be willing to spend a Sunday out running or in the trails without much complaint. After that day in the sun it would be nice to have that man come home with me for some after activity activity rather than what happens now.

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend this week. She spoke of a book she was reading about relationships. The main point of the book is to trust your instincts and to listen to your instincts. There are times in our lives when we know something just feels right and conversely when we feel something is going in the wrong direction. For whatever reason we tend to ignore what our gut tells us and do what may not be the most positive for our psyche.

I have a dream. To meet someone who shares the same interests as me and has some of the same values as me and who is attractive. I want this person to become my boyfriend. I have a dream that one day I will meet a man that I can go on an easy run with and love. I have a dream of crossing the finish line in a race and having someone there to hug and love regardless of the result. This is in my gut. This is what fills me with longing but also hope. I dream of meeting my dream.

Will this ever happen? I do not know. But I can always dream.

I had a satisfactory long run today if one ignores tripping over a dog leash. I am into the somewhat angry part of my training when my body is just starting to get a bit depleted from the training and I am starting to get a bit fried. I was continually annoyed by people on my long run. They were in the way and there were dogs everywhere. I like dogs, it is their owners that should be put on leashes.

I am also developing a love/hate relationship with Vancouver and I am attempting to think of an angle to blog about it without offending some friends. Since my eye contact experiment has ended I have embarked on a new hobby; chatting with people who have just moved here. There is a general consensus that Vancouver is one of the most superficially friendly cities that people have lived in. This city is a hard nut to crack!

Stay tuned. I am sure this is going to be stimulating reading.

Happy Training!

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