Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Close to Pace

I ran a tempo today. I am very close to being on pace. I am more than surprised.

I am progressing my tempo by one minute a week. This week I ran 16 minutes in Stanley Park. I ran a route I have run hundreds of times and have run intervals on many times as well. I usually run low 9 minutes on this loop when running a workout alone. Today I ran slightly over 10 minutes while trying to stay relaxed and tempo. I was very surprised when I saw this time on my watch.

Although I am happy to be running at a good clip this soon I am also very aware that I have a lot of work ahead of me to get into race shape. I am shocked that I was able to run relaxed and fast especially after my less that stellar track session a week ago. I feel like I am getting into a bit of a rhythm and am feeling good.

I must report my foot is not doing great. I am starting to run in pain again and thus I have made a physio appointment. I sure hope there are some solutions to this issue. I am also going to hit the massage table for some work. I think I need consistent massage appointments to work out some major kinks in my body.

Happy Training!

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