Wednesday, March 2, 2011

76? 83?

I tried the track and the track won, for now.

With my new job fully in swing I am able to run new trails with close access to a new artificial track. The call of the track was a bit too much to ignore and on Tuesday I ran a 3 mile warm up and settled on the track for drills and strides and a little test of my speed.

I was surprised to feel very tired and sluggish on my warm up. My drills felt a bit on the flat side and my two 400s were slow. I ran a 76 and an 83. I felt discoordinated and fat. My feet were slow to leave the cushioned rubber surface and I felt my technique fall apart into the last sections of the fast piece. In short I am out of shape.

I am fit but not in running shape. I was hoping to start workouts with my club as soon as within the next few weeks. I have been craving a fast hard workout. What I must realize is that I am not capable of running a fast workout at the current time. I need to put in the miles of tempo and long intervals to improve my speed endurance in order to run a few fast track workouts. I am unsure how long it will take me to get up to speed but I must maintain my patience.

I am planning on running a tempo tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

Happy Training!

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