Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Tempo!

What? Wednesday tempo?

Tempo Tuesday is now Tempo Wednesday and yes, I am training. In total I ran 15 minutes at sub-threshold pace on a treadmill. This was not an exciting workout but with the weather blustery and cold I was not in the mood for hitting the soggy wet trails to wither during a early, early season workout. I felt really inspired despite the monotony of the treadmill. Post workout I was able to do my 3 sets of chin-ups and a full core workout with lots of push-ups. I will be buff by summer!

With my adjusted training schedule I am planning on running a tempo on Wednesday and a workout on Saturday until I get my feet under me. I have a race in mind to get back into the swing of things but I want to get some real training in before I commit to a race. The only two races I am really interested in are the Pride Run in Toronto and The Antigonish Highland Games 5 mile race in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Two very random races and two races that I really, really want to win.

My foot is getting better. I should report that my original injury is pretty close to being better. The rest of my foot is fucked. As with any injury and recovery there is typically a compensation of other structures to accommodate for the original weakness. There is also a tendency to guard the injured area. I have most likely done all of these things. I am working hard on strengthening my foot in the hopes it heals well. I hope it gets better soon because over a year of pain really is starting to become tedious.

I also have some good news in regards to training though indirectly. I have a new job working near some of the best trails and training facilities in Vancouver. It will only be for a year but I think it will be beneficial for me and motivation to train. I will have easy access to an artificial track which also makes me very excited. I may add a workout to my schedule as easy access to the track should be taken advantage of!
I am continuing to enjoy skiing and I have been able to hit the trails and slopes thanks to a very eager friend of mine. I think my time on the trails has saved my fitness. I love being in the mountains and on the snow. It provides a great break from the rain of Vancouver even when only a few miles up and away. Next week I hit Silver Star for a semi annual gayish ski weekend with a few friends of mine. I am very excited to ski but even more excited for a beer in the hot tub!

Helpful Tip!

I was digging through my workout clothes trying to find a top to wear to the gym that I could run and do weights in without looking like a tool. I grabbed an old Saucony singlet and threw it in my bag. This old school tri top had two pockets for energy gels which it turns out make great iPod holders! How very exciting! In related news...Girltalk's album 'All Day' is a super great workout album!

Happy Training!

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