Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Valentines Day=Venereal Disease

After a couple of weeks of increasingly consistent training and some hard running I am starting to lose a bit of my cheery self. This cheerfulness is replaced with a degree of bitterness and generalized frustration. Although my mood shift is not good for my interpersonal relationships it does create fodder for a blog.

I noticed today while on the street enjoying some of Vancouver's glorious sunshine, a great deal of valentines day garbage. Why is it that every February we get deluged with an enormous amount of pink toxic trash which does not actually show your love but rather your purchasing power? In our increasingly disposable society we are mastering the art of creating garbage to be bought as a symbol of love. Did I mention running/training can make me bitter?

If I could get away from the oppressive nature of this trend I would but it is proving to be impossible. This "I am sooooo in love" bullshit is everywhere. I open my email and there are advertisements for every Valentine's day thing you can imagine. Did you know that there is Groupon for your Valentine? There is a special love song mix on iTunes and I imagine you can buy matching heart running shoes somewhere. Even my hallowed weekend Globe and Mail was full of VD advertisements. I hate Valentine's day.

I was able to run again today and my foot is quite sore. It has been sore all day though it is more my ankle than my foot. I ran 5 miles in total today and towards the end my foot was getting quite wonky. I will decide whether to run or not tomorrow after seeing how my foot feels. I am getting motivated to run again and get super ripped! Six pack for summer!

Happy Training!

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  1. I personally grab my single friends (friend) and head to Boston Pizza on Valentine's Day for their heart shaped pizza special. We sit and laugh at all the unhappy looking people. Just a thought.