Sunday, January 16, 2011

Training Again

I feel like an athlete again.

Today I have been working out for around 2 hours. A 50 minute run in the morning and a 70 minute hard swim this afternoon. If I have the energy to do a core workout later I will have a great day of training under my belt. This would be the first step to getting back into shape to be able to race again.

I am starting to get into a bit of a rhythm with my training. I have had a few false starts and I am a bit anxious that my foot is going to flare up again. I would like to get consistent with running before I start speed work but I also have to be healthy before I can get consistent. Although I want to run less and try to get more out of each workout I also realize that I need to run consecutive days to gain a training effect. I am going to attempt a run tomorrow. I will see if my foot can withstand the pounding.

I was listening to This American Life which can now be heard on CBC radio. It is my favorite radio show. There was a segment talking about happiness and the characteristics that happy people share. The main unifying tendency was for happy individuals to have goals to accomplish. I had a goal when I was not running, to get a boy friend. That did not work. Now that I am thinking of running again I am starting to feel a bit more focused and lighter. I am nervous for my first workout and to tempo again but I am happy to have something to look forward to. Goals, they are a good thing!

Happy Training!

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