Saturday, January 1, 2011


I learned a valuable lesson last night. Smile!

As I have written previously, this time of year brings forth a mix of emotions. While most are celebrating the new year my family celebrates the life of my father who passed away 25 years ago today. With time and growth comes healing. Though I often think of what my life would be like had my dad not died prematurely I also have learned to enjoy my life.

New years eve is always difficult for me. I want to celebrate and enjoy myself and join the raucous partying that accompanies ringing in of the new year. I also have a keen sense of guilt during this time of year because I ought to never forget my father and continue to memorialize him in my life. This year I thought about my dad while I was out having fun and also worked on something new, smiling. I worked on letting go of my dad and the guilt associated with having fun on this crazy night. I just had fun.

My major goal of the night was to smile. Not a half smile but a full blown goofy smile! The effect of smiling is incredible! Every time I smiled it seemed to catch the attention of a man. Smiling became an invitation for someone to make eye contact and chat. When I thought about my goal I would instantly force a smile which would make me laugh and smile more. I would get a bit giddy and my spirits would rise. People seemed engaged and willing to reach out and connect. An open and free attitude created positive energy. I discovered the power of a simple smile!

Now that it is 2011 I want to think of some goals for this year. Running goals are ambiguous at this time. I was looking over some old race information and photos the other night and I got a bit of an urge to start training. With the days getting longer there is some incentive to get out on the trails, although my foot is still sore. Things continue to go well. Maybe my 2011 goal should be to smile!

Happy Training!

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  1. Smiling is such a great idea. No harm in that. And smiles are free, too. As you point out, when you smile, the whole world smiles back.
    Thanks for sharing the great advice.