Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old is New

I ran three days in a row!

Today I ran my first workout since June. This effort pales in comparison to what I have run in the past but it was a good start. I am aiming over the next few weeks to build a bit of endurance and gain some of my speed back. I want to get some fitness under my belt before getting into workouts.

My workout today was a 35 minute warm up followed by full drills and strides. I ran 6 strides in total and one short (300 meters?) stretch at perceived race pace. It felt really good to run fast again and I felt in many ways that I had not taken any time off. I feel stronger than I felt this time last year although I have lost most of my fitness. My time spent in the gym working very hard on my core strength and upper body will provide a little extra speed this summer. I want to maintain this strength and the extra muscle into the spring and summer.

I think I am ready to ease my way back into training. My head has been cleared and I am even starting to dream about running again. It is a sure sign I am ready to train when I start to dream about running and imagine the feeling of running a great race. For the last few months before my injury got really bad I had stopped dreaming of the perfect race. My dreams were of other things like finding a rich husband, winning the lottery or starring on Broadway. My dreams are still filled with pipe dreams and a bit of running too.

With the days getting longer and summer coming up I am getting excited to get my beach body and fitness. Bring on the summer heat and fun. I will be ready!

Things I love

VANCOUVER!! As I was running on some of my favorite trails in Stanley Park today with a thin long sleeve shirt on I thought of all the places in Canada that are under snow right now. What a glorious city I live in! The daffodils are almost up and starting to bud outside my apartment building. They are in the flower bed below the palm tree. Not kidding!

Happy Training!

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