Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Ready

I went running yesterday and my foot is not sore today.

I am preparing to get ready to try and get into running again. I am tying up some loose ends and preparing a life schedule that will enable me to train and have a life outside of sport. This might be difficult.

I am a bit of a yes man. I am naturally curious and very active. If someone suggests something I am prone to say 'can I come too?' or 'can I help?' I like to help and thus I have a list of commitments that limit my ability to actually participate in a lot of things that I find really fun. This winter I am wanting to do a lot of things and especially ski! So I have a plan.

Now that my foot is healing and I am not living in chronic pain I have motivation to train again. I must also acknowledge that my experiment to be more mainstream gay has not enabled me to find a boyfriend. Thus I am content that I tried to do something that I do not necessarily love and will go back to something that I actually love. I am motivated to run again.

I am motivated to run with a few provisions. I want to ski. I will not start training until ski season is over. I do not want to be injured so I will train with a reduced schedule. I plan to run an interval workout, a tempo run and a long run every week. All other run training will be on an adhoc basis. I want to keep some contact with the homos and continue to go out and explore non mainstream gay venues and parties. I will not use running as an excuse not to socialize and make opportunities to meet eligible men. I do not want to be super skinny anymore. I will continue to lift weights and eat. I also plan on sticking to racing no longer than 10 km in the next year. I may try some track this summer if I am in the mood!

For the next year I want to maintain my running ability without killing myself trying to do it. I need a break but I still want to be fast. I do not want to be a plodder. I will continue to maintain my fitness by cross training. I may try swimming with the Vancouver Open Water Swim Association this summer as well.

I have a few plans in my mind of what I want my running to look like in the next few years. With the Canadian Cross Country Championships coming to Vancouver for the next few years I have a keen interest in keeping fit so to participate. If I have a good summer I may change my training plans in the fall to gain the necessary fitness to compete at Nationals. Although I do not particularly enjoy racing cross country there is a certain nostalgia that keeps me coming back to the cold grueling racing. In the distant future I will run a marathon. Marathon scares the crap out of me and I will need a very strong support network, i.e. boyfriend, to help me through this monster. I do not think it is something I can do on my own, like most of my training. The thought of arriving alone in my dark and cold apartment after a long training day is 100 percent depressing. I will need someone to help me clean, cook and who will take care of me when I am on the verge of crumbling under the mileage.

I have a plan.

Happy Training!

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  1. Jay, I did my marathon without a boyfriend....or girlfriend, what u need is support from fellow marathon runners or vfac!. I found it easier being alone coz, no one said lets do this, lets do that, we have to be here at such a time etc, the marathon trainnig made me selfish so I didnt have to compromise my training to satisfy doing other things with a partner etc. Mind u after marathon training your always tried so if u had a partner who likes going back to bed in the afternoons, that could be more than useful! Glad to see at least your doing a bit of running again. Good luck my firend which ever path you go down, seems like every few months or so your path takes different directions and thats no bad thing. Gramps