Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dreaming My Dreams

I had a dream the other night that I was running.

It has been a very busy last month and I have not had much time to write or train or sit still. My days have been filled with working and my evenings filled with holiday cheer, skiing and a bit of training.

My injury continues to bother me and I am only able to run every other day. I have been able to ski a lot including both downhill and cross country. I love both and it is my mission to spend at least one night/day per week on the snow. The cross country skiing has enabled me to maintain some fitness although I have noticed I am finally losing a bit of cardiovascular strength. I am also continuing to gain weight although I think I am just into the healthy range. I may actually be getting close to normal, though still extra small. I have a couple of shirts that do not fit me any more. My chest is too big!

Although I have been unable to train as much as I had wanted, I have had a wonderful last month. There have been stressful moments but generally things have been great. The best decision I have made was to buy new downhill skis. Today was my first day on them and they are beyond excellent! The conditions in Whister Blackcomb were gorgeous though a touch windy on 7th Heaven. The snow was exactly how I like it; hard, fast and ripe for carving. My skis are responsive and very fast. They respond so quickly to my weight shifts that I had quite a good wipe-out in the afternoon. There is nothing like sliding down a mountain, upside down, to make one feel alive. Falling is not that bad. As my friend pointed out, it means you are pushing yourself hard. The best part of the day; not one line up!!!!

I can report a good amount of muscle fatigue and pain at this time. This fatigue is not only from a hard day of downhill but also a hard gym workout last night and some good quality skate skiing under the lights of Cypress. When I am on the track again for workouts I have a feeling I am going to be flying. I feel very strong!

Happy Training!

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