Monday, November 8, 2010


The good news is that my arch is no longer sore. The bad news is my ankle is sore. Throbbing sore.

I had a great long run yesterday with a good friend of mine. The pace was steady yet relaxed with a few hills thrown in. In total we ran around 11 or 12 miles. Running at this time of year is wonderful. I love the crispness of the air and the amber tinge to the light. Summer is my favorite time to run with heat and sweat with hot shirtless men. Although this time of year is not quite as hot as the summer it is still fun. It always gives one an idea of who the real runners are. It seems like most people who are running by these days are flying!

The result of my long run yesterday is substantial pain in my foot. It was not too bad but I spent the day walking around the city and now I am in pain. I am hoping it feels better in the morning.

Happy Training!

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