Monday, November 15, 2010

Mixed Training

I have started run training in earnest.

I ran my first tempo run and have had some quality work over the past week. I am gaining some consistency and I am gaining some ease with running again. Unfortunately my foot is acting up a bit and today I found myself in pain for most of the day. The key to ensuring my foot is healing is to not walk. This is not an option.

Conversely, swimming is going very well. My feel for the water has returned and I am feeling very strong. A bit of evidence for my improved stroke is where I am feeling my workouts. Although the arms are what pull one through the water it is actually the core/lats/traps that provide the power to swim well. I thought my lats were going to seize up and break off my body during my Saturday workout. This is a good sign I am doing things right.

As I have noted before, the key with training is consistency. If one is able to balance consistency with recovery then they are on their way to best times. A key for me in the next few months will be to increase my consistency while improving fitness. I have also grown to realize that my body cannot withstand high mileage while having a career. I can no longer spend all day on my feet solving problems then go home and run 10 miles.

I also believe swimming will help with maintaining my fitness. I do not actually feel that out of shape. I have at least 3 hard swim workouts a week with another couple of easy swims where I am content to swim 4 km at a good pace. It is nice to get in the pool and work on technique and fitness without having to hammer a hard workout.

The big test will be when I get back on the track or run a workout on a measured course. In the next couple of weeks I may head to Beaver lake to test my running fitness. I doubt I will be running sub 3 minute kilometers!

I am hoping to gain enough fitness to run an early season race or two. I also need to get a bit of speed work under my belt before an up-coming beer mile. Although past experience tells me that the most important skill in a beer mile is drinking the beer.

Happy Training!

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