Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am loving swimming.

Tonight we had a particularly difficult workout with a lot of fly and fly kick. In total we swam around 600 metres of fly. Ouch! I feel like my swimming has gotten quite strong and I am even starting to feel very comfortable on my back, which is an aberration from the norm.

I am thinking of swimming a swim meet. I want to compete again. I need a goal for my training besides physical health and mental well being. I love competition and I am naturally very competitive. I need a venue to express my competitiveness prior to being able to run a race again. Something that is very nice about swim meets is that I have no expectations. I am not expecting to place or actually do well. It is a challenge against myself and to support my swim club. I am looking at an 800 free with a bit of excitement.

Running and training hit a bit of a road bump this weekend with a surprisingly disabling tooth ache. My tooth is very sensitive to sensation and thus I have been reluctant to run. Cycling to work is even painful and I must breath through my nose. I have an appointment to have it fixed but it will be a while. As is the norm for me I will have to train through a bit of pain again. As one painful body part heals another appears.

Thankfully my foot is almost better. I believe switching shoes has been very beneficial. My new Nike Pegasus are super. They feel very light yet soft. Paradoxically they also are quite responsive and enable a great feel for the surface I am running on. During the past 8 to 10 months my body has been very sensitive to running on hard surfaces. Running on a concrete sidewalk made my feet and legs ache. The discomfort is remarkably reduced with my new runners. My friend and sometimes running partner bombshell also runs in these shoes. Both of us have a similar forefoot running style. Both of us love these shoes. There must be some extra forefoot cushioning or some kind of magic. I have always loved Nike racing shoes and spikes. Now I also love the trainers. Yikes, I have become a Nike man.

I am struggling a bit with consistency with my training. I am noticing the difficulty of balancing my new 'gay' life of late nights and partying with working out. There is nothing more discouraging than the thought of a long run while recovering from a late night of misbehaving. While in university I had a team of equally tired and nauseous runners to motivate me to head to the Lady Beaverbrook Gym for our long run or workout. Without the team morale it is much nicer to roll over for a few more hours of sleep. I will need to find a balance.

Next week I have a week off work and I am planning on staying in the city to plan for Christmas and train. I am hoping to get into a bit of a week long training camp to get into the rhythm of running daily with some efforts in between. This will be the first test of my healed foot in a long time. I am excited though a touch nervous. I know my body will not respond as it has in the past as I am getting a bit older. I just hope I am able to walk next week.

Happy Training!

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