Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flying Tempo

Turn up the treadmill as fast as it will go and run.

I am now running my tempos on Wednesdays as I have decided to alter my training plan. My body will can no longer withstand up to 3 hard running workouts a week so I have decided to cut out one speed workout in favor of one tempo. Yesterday I ran 12 minutes at tempo pace.

The gym I attend has treadmills that do not go fast enough for me to run my actual tempo pace. What I have been forced to do is turn the machine to it's highest setting then push the incline. I feel like a bit of a tool running hard in a giant downtown gym but I figure people should see what an actual athlete looks like and what real training is. Most of the people at the gym do not even sweat. My tempo felt really good although my foot is still sore. I have a surprising amount of pop to my stride and I feel very strong. My exercise compulsion has helped to maintain my fitness! Upon finishing my tempo run I was able to finish my workout with chin-ups, core and push-ups. My goal is to be able to do 30 wide arm, front grip chin-ups.

Another reason for Wednesday tempo is so I can continue swimming with my swim club on Tuesday and Thursday. I am loving swimming at the moment and I am getting very comfortable in the water. At present Fly is my favorite stroke. I had a great workout tonight although while getting out of the pool I noticed a bit of what looks like road rash on my wrist. While in the throws of a particularly intense set of medley I must have hit the lane rope hard.

I got an e-mail from a member of the New York Front Runners club. Front Runners is a running group comprised of gays. There are chapters all over the world! They have done a video for the "It Gets Better" project. I really wish we did not need to have videos saying it gets better, but it does get better! The best part of growing up is being able to choose what we do. Clubs and organizations like Front Runners, my swim club and triathlon club ensure that we have a place to meet and train with people just like us. For years I have been the token gay on numerous cross country, track and athletics clubs. I love being able to swim, bike and run with other gays. It does get better. There is a whole world of homos out there who have the same interests, drives and passions. One just has to find them.

I am not quite ready to ramp up the training although I have toned down the partying. I do not think my confidence can take another knock. I love music and dancing but the whole scene can be a bit hard to tolerate at times. Although I tend to be a touch superficial I must admit that one must have substance to their character. I have not scene a great deal of substance while out on the town. Where I continue to see heart and substance is in the pool, on the trails and track. I think this is where I belong. This is what has enabled my life to get better.

I will need to ensure I maintain balance though!

Happy Training!

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  1. Ironically those same gay venues/sports clubs are no longer very accepting once you turn 50. Now I find the straight sports organizations more welcoming because you are considered asexual and therefore non-threatening