Friday, November 19, 2010

The Elastic Effect

My life is starting to settle down.

I was out for an easy and wonderful run today when I started to contemplate my dating history over the last 6 months. I almost feel like dating is a bit like running a race sometimes.

I have written before on the elastic effect when racing. There is an invisible elastic between the runners in a group. One has to maintain that elastic in order to keep with the lead group. The further one drops behind the longer the elastic stretches and consequently the higher risk there is of the elastic snapping. Once the proverbial elastic snaps there is little chance to regain the lead group. Conversely, as we often see in a race, the chasing runner can keep the elastic taut until the approach to the finish line. At that moment they can use the energy of the 'elastic' to sling shot into the lead and win the race.

What I have found with dating is an elastic effect of sorts. I like a bit of tension between me and a prospective long term partner (long term for me at present is a second date). I need to have a bit of a chase. I want to be challenged. If there is too much challenge though the elastic will start to stretch. If it stretches too far then there is a snap and I will give up. If someone chases me too closely then the elastic is too soft. Without tension there is no energy to slingshot. I need the energy.

My general experiences in 95 % of the dates I have been on has been one of no elastic whatsoever. That may have something to do with my own personal fulfillment and generally great life. I am not a person who needs someone else to make me happy. It has taken a bit of a journey to realize this. Now that I am happy and older I am realizing more that I want a partner for the sheer practicality of the endeavor, not as an emotional crutch. I really wish I had someone to share the rent. Unfortunately for my bankbook I cannot abandon my romantic notions of love to satisfy practicality. There needs to be energy. I need an elastic. Practicality must be measured with passion and fire.

If dating is not going well at least I can still workout. Today I hit the trails for a run after a session in the dentists chair. I may have been drooling down my frozen cheek as I was running. I felt good although I continue to suffer through foot pain. Tonight I hope to hit the gym and tomorrow run and swim. The snow is in the mountains so I also hope to hit the trails this weekend as well.

Happy Training!

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