Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pool Report

Running, swimming and weights are good.

Life is good.

I have written before that motivation to blog usually comes from a challenge in life. Blogging in many ways acts as a bit of a therapy for me. In university we were told to keep a journal to write our concerns or worries related to our careers. The idea is that by recording our thoughts and problems we would reflect on them and develop solutions to these issues or realize the issue is actually irrelevant to our daily life. This is how I have approached writing.

It is difficult to write about a great life. It seems like a life well lived is not as riveting as a life of strife and turmoil. At the moment I am thinking I am living a pretty great life. I can think of a lot of things I do not have at the moment but I am incredibly happy with what I have. Things are turning out pretty great.

There may be a bit of a 'post swim workout euphoric' effect happening at the moment. I had a tough but very good swim workout tonight. It felt really good to work hard and get the muscles burning. I think we swam over 3 km in less than an hour. I feel my swimming is getting close to what it was when I stopped triathlon. I hit all my pace times with plenty of recovery. My free is starting to gel and I am starting to cling to the proverbial rope. Surprisingly I was able to make my pace times swimming backstroke. I guess this would be direct evidence that hard work generates positive results. Would it be too obvious to suggest that I believe in the power of sport as it shows the direct result of hard work and dedication?

I am still running and yesterday I had a spirited jaunt on the treadmill. After a total of 5 pain free miles I joined the muscle dudes to pump some massive iron. I did not actually end up lifting much weight but I did a good amount of core work and body weight exercises.

I am planning for a run and gym tomorrow. Thursday night is Sufjan Stevens. I am so excited I can hardly sleep. I will write a concert report!

Happy Training!

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