Sunday, October 17, 2010


I got a new pair of runners yesterday. I went to the dark side and am now in a pair of Nike Air Pegasus. I had one long run in them and I am pleasantly surprised. They are responsive and very comfortable. They do not stop my stride on plant but rather support my foot and enable a seamless transition to toe off. The shoe itself offers much more support then my previous pair of Asics. Further encouragement is that my food is doing well after my run and I was able to walk around the city without a limp. I even think they are quite flashy. I suppose it turns out that not having any support for my running is a good thing!

I have been back into running for a week and I am feeling inspired. The direct evidence of my inspiration would be the increase in blog posts lately. I am feeling a bit more grounded as well which is nice. I am content to be running though I am unsure when I will start training. I am thinking I will start speed work late November or early December and then start running with a coach again in January. Although I have only been running for one week thus far and this perspective might change when I cannot walk tomorrow morning.

I have a bit of a bounce in my step these days although I do feel myself withdrawing a bit. One of the consequences of training for me is the tendency to want to cocoon myself in my apartment and spend time on my own or with close friends. Loud music and bright lights usually make me feel a bit nauseous and exhausted. I loose the ability to use idle chit chat and I generally become boring unless in a small quiet situation. Partying becomes a liability rather than a goal and I become somewhat obsessive.

As I have decided to begin the long and hard road back to fitness I do have one regret. I wish I had a boyfriend with me. I came close and it was wonderful. I do not think it will be possible to meet many men while I am training hard and I really do become quite a difficult person to be around. In the end I really am who I am and I am back to thinking of myself as a runner. I am thinking of myself as a gay runner. This makes me happy!

I am going to try and balance the pulls of both sides of my personality. The focused achiever and the party loving twinky homo!

I am throwing together a few races that I want to run next year. Look out East Coast because the West Gay Running Train is going to hit both Toronto and Antigonish, Nova Scotia! I have always wanted to win the Antigonish Highland Games 5 miler and I am planning on heading home for some rest and running. I only have 9 months until race time!

Happy Training!

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