Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am running again.

Today I ran 6 miles. Although I felt slow to begin I was actually running on my usual pace and maybe a bit faster. It went pretty well though not pain free. I think painless running will take a while to come. Besides the pain of my injury I noticed a lot of residual pain from my long run on Monday. I have always had an acute knowledge of how hard running is. Today I got an even better understanding of the impact involved in a simple easy run.

I have felt more sore and much worse before but what I am noticing is all the little things that hurt. As an example, the tips of my toes. Where I once had calluses I have soft, supple and now blistered skin. It hurts to touch the tips of my toes to the ground. I want my calluses back. I also jiggle a bit when I run, though to the outside observer I look no different than 4 months ago. Thankfully my legs are as skinny as ever so no chaffing!

Speaking of chaffing, I am changing up my running fashion. Today I ran in basketball shorts for the first time. I felt very ghetto in my new outfit. Add to this a skin tight long sleeve and ripped ball cap and I was looking totally authentic something or other. One of my goals for my new running progression will be to integrate as many looks as possible into my training repertoire. I do not want to buy new clothes so I will have to get creative with my heaps of spandex and short shorts. I will never give up spandex though (part of the reason I want to train again is to wear spandex...).

Gosh, I am feeling a bit inspired. Must be the air.

Happy Training!

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