Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seals and Otters

I live on the beach. I am less than 20 seconds away from the Pacific Ocean and the biggest swimming pool ever!
I have been swimming a lot of open water this summer as it is beyond accessible and just plain fun. Usually I try and swim with my friends although lately I have been randomly hitting the briny ocean by myself for a little workout. At least I thought I was swimming by myself.

The first time it happened was 2 weeks ago when after a hard 10 minute session of swimming I stopped by the Inukshuk for some recovery. Upon lifting my head out of the water I was startled to see two beady eyes staring back at me. Within 1.5 meters of me was a playful and somewhat cute seal curiously checking out the land mammal encroaching on his space. After the initial shock I gave the ankle biter a bit of a wave and said hello. He soon lost interest, bobbed under the surface and disappeared.
I had heard from veteran open water swimmers that one will occasionally feel a seal biting on their toes as they swim. Not malicious but rather playful, one need not worry about being taken out by a seal in English Bay. In the past few weeks I have been swimming with the seals quite regularly. This evening I hit the waves and a seal or two decided to come along for the workout. I feel they must be laughing to each other when they come across this laboring and skinny land dweller.

This weekend I have swum open water and have run 2 days in a row! My heel is still sore and I continue to run/walk/live in pain. To add insult to injury, as I was running into the ocean this evening, I cut the sole of my foot on a shell. It was not until I was rinsing my wet suit that I noticed the gash sliced off of my foot. It should not pose too many issues as it is safely bandaged and clean.

Happy Training!

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