Sunday, August 15, 2010

Open Water, Backflips, Yoga and a Boat Cruise

Just when I thought summer could not get any better yesterday happened.

I had an amazing day in the Vancouver sunshine swimming, brunching and playing beach side. I have an exceptional group of friends who in most ways are just as childish as I am. How often do your 30 year old friends complete back hand springs and back flips beach side? We had races, practiced handstand push ups and did abs for something to do. I attempted one arm push ups but they did not go that well. Maybe instead of childish I could describe us as being hyperactive. None of us could sit still for more than 10 minutes.
The evening festivities involved a boat cruise dance party known as Hed Kandi. It was awesome. I had not been to a straight boat cruise dance party before last night. The key to the party was the fun people I was there with and their very positive energy. Dance floors can be amazing places. I almost think it is similar to running with a pack in a race. One can use the energy of the group they are racing with to pull them along to a best time. The energy of the group enables a runner to focus on their stride and keep relaxed yet strong. The energy on a dance floor is also crucial to a good time. Last night the DJ was superb, the venue supernatural British Columbia and the energy of the group I was with was energetic and positive. A very good night and random enough to be interesting.
Since I have let go of hard training I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel relaxed and open to new and exciting experiences. I have never been a big party guy due to the energy requirements of training. Now that my schedule has relaxed and my life has fewer constraints I feel like there has been a shift in both the energy I am attracting and possibly giving off. Maybe I am showing I am more open and ready for a good time.

Thinking of good times, I should get ready to run.

Happy Training!

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