Monday, July 19, 2010

Sea Sick

I am becoming a triathlete again.

My foot continues to cause me quite a bit of discomfort. The throbbing is getting better and I am learning that for it to heal I must not spend any time on my feet, or as little as possible. I have been taking my bike everywhere and I am noticing some positive effects.

I went for my first ride in a few years last Sunday. I have no cycling endurance but I have much improved bike handling skills. It is no longer scary to be in traffic, to jump a curve or attempt to balance in an intersection while waiting for a left turn. I think I have more power but it is hard to tell. I still hate my bike though. I will be doing some bike shopping in the next few months.

Tonight I swam an open water workout with a couple of friends. When I cannot run, open water swimming is as close as I can get to the feeling of running. I love being in the ocean even with the sea sickness. I love being able to shut of my brain for a while and just think about arm and hand positioning, sighting the point at Stanley Park and remembering to kick my socks off. I am getting more fit in the water although I felt like my arms were about to fall off in the last 10 minutes of the swim. In total I have swum around 9km in the last 3 days. My upper body is a bit tired. On the positive side I can see a bit of my triathlon body coming back. I am getting a bit more size and definition in my chest, traps and lats.

I am waiting to be mostly pain free until I tie up the running shoes and hit the trails for a run. It has been a few weeks now of reduced training and over a week since I have run last. This is the most time I have had away from running since 2003. I am enjoying the break and unfortunately I do not have much desire to start training again. I do not know when I will start running again but I do know it will be ugly.

I wish I had some wise words or insightful observations to add but I do not. It has been said and I have blogged before that inspiration usually comes with some sort of discord or issue in life. I am loving my summer so far and I am having a blast. Of course I am still single (and looking) though with a fuck it attitude. I am having so much fun and enjoying my life so much at present that I do not really know how I could be much happier (maybe if I did not have to work?). Up next are the fireworks and I am super stoked!

Now that I am back into the triathlon training I guess I will have to start shaving my legs again. The cross I must bear...

Happy Training!

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