Sunday, July 25, 2010


My weekend adventure involved cycling to North Vancouver to buy some swimming gear.

As with any adventure in Vancouver one never quite knows what they might be getting themselves into. My target was Team Aquatic Supplies with my route involving Stanley Park, a couple of bridges and North Vancouver. On the way I encountered a peloton of guided riders, a very sketchy bridge and a random parade. Another regular day in the Lower Mainland.

I am pleased to report that Team Aquatic Supplies has all the supplies any hack triathlete swimmer may require. I am very excited to have a couple new sets of paddles and I can already report they are wonderful. I have picked up both finger and big strengthening paddles. The finger paddles take a bit of getting used to as they require a bit of technique at the catch phase of the swim stroke. This is part of the reason for using finger paddles. One has to reach for the swim stroke rather then shoving their hand into the water at their ear. The big paddles are for pure power and I love them! I feel like my stroke rate plummets and and shoulders bulge when I put them on.

I also can report a run this morning. I am cautiously optimistic that I am healing. Today was the first time I have run in 2 weeks. My run today was nice. I wanted to run easy and gentle on my body. As I have little patience and I am a sensory seeker, I was striding out by the time I hit the 5 minute mark. I kept myself calm and managed to relax until the last couple of kilometers. It felt very good to stretch out the legs and bound down the Seawall. My heel was quite sore during the initial stages of the run which did resolve over the course of the run. The big test will be tomorrow morning when I get up. I hope to be able to walk.

I am going to try and run every other day. I hope this will satisfy my craving of a good run with the need to protect my fragile foot. I am enjoying being on my bike and in the pool so I am not overly concerned with my fitness. I feel fit at the moment even if it is not running fitness. My run today also showed me I did not lose much cardiovascular strength as my breathing was relaxed and easy, even when I got a bit crazy. I am watching my diet a bit as well to ensure I do not gain fat with my reduced mileage. My body fat is well below 8% so things are good.

A decision I have had to make is to not run the Vancouver Pride Run this year. I do not know how to not run hard even when in a fun run situation. This is a time when wisdom must prevail.

Happy Training!

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