Thursday, July 15, 2010

Healing Slowly

I have not run since my 8 miles on Sunday. I was able to walk to the bathroom this morning and put weight through my heel. This is a milestone.

I have only had one injury that required me to take time off. It was a tibalis anterior injury that required me to half train for approximately 5 weeks. At that time I was very over trained and as the days of forced rest accumulated strange things began to happen. A couple of weeks into my sojourn I was suddenly able to type very quickly. This morning I was quickly typing out an e-mail to a friend when I suddenly noticed my typing crisp and light. I think this injury has been a long time coming and the rest is much needed.

As I have written earlier, in many ways I am actually not that upset that I am injured. The only way I take time off from running is when I cannot run. I am slowly getting my energy and reserve back. I am gaining a bit of muscle and I am enjoying doing more than work, run, eat and sleep. It is nice to be able to make plans every night of the week and to have a beer in the evening without fretting about being tired the next day. I am enjoying being free.

This freedom brings with it many questions. I am a natural planner and I like to have an idea of what my future holds. One of the comforts of running for me is the ability to plan far into the future what I will be doing. After years of planning I am enjoying some spontaneity. As of now my Autumn is a blank slate. I am thinking of a cycling trip in September, something impossible if I am planning on racing. The big question for me is if I want to train this fall or if I want a break.

As the days go by I am missing running but not training. I do not want to ache anymore. I do not want to hurt every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I do not want to have a month of anxiety leading up to a big race. I am dreading the thought of pushing to that half unconscious place of agony required to run fast. I do not want to spend my evenings with multiple ice packs wrapped to my broken body. I am already playing with the idea of 'former elite runner'.

I do not want to make any rash decisions and I will always run and be fit. After a hard or frustrating day of work there is nothing that makes me feel better than a good run. There are times when I still day dream about running a fast race but those times are becoming fewer and further between.

A good break will show me the path to hit for a good trot. I am liking it so far.

Happy Training!

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