Saturday, July 31, 2010

And We Are Done...

I am hanging up the racing flats.

I have decided to give run training a rest. I have little desire to run competitively anymore. I feel that winning my last race at Pride Toronto is a good way to finish.

I have been thinking of hanging up the shoes for a few months now as running has lost much of it's fun. The years of training and obsessing have taken a bit of a toll. Being injured has opened my eyes to what it feels like to not be exhausted all the time. It is also wonderful to have oodles of time to do whatever I want.


Happy Pride!


  1. Sorry to hear Training has lost it's fun factor.

    I'm sure you can continue to run for fun once in a while. It's true that serious training can take a huge bite out of a schedule but it does not have to be all or nothing. Give running just for a fun a chance. Run socially (join the Frontrunners?) and see who you can meet. It doesn't always have to be about being the fastest runner out there, sometimes it's about feeling good and doing what you enjoy.

  2. Yes, I think sometimes your soul needs a rest from things. I have certain things that I have taken a break from as well. I remember Music was a big one, I loved playing and singing and such. But then it got to e point where it was soul stripping and not soul building anymore. So I took a break, and have slowly been coming back to it for enjoyment's sake.

    There are seasons for things.

    There's a new season for you coming.
    Not that you will never return to running for enjoyment again, but a new season can be good!

  3. dude...come find me in late August. I am kinda in the same place as you right now....if u still wanna run I can get you motivated....