Friday, June 11, 2010


I am now on twitter @runninggay.

I figure I might as well crash into technology as best I can. I do not want to find myself one day commenting on those young whipper snappers with all their newfangled toys and communication methods. I do not know how long it will last so if you want to follow my mundane musings during the day then log on to find out! I was excited to find Paula Radcliffe on Twitter too! I am following her, not in a stalker sort of way but rather in a twitter sort of way.

I decided to take the day off of running today to rest my very sore heel and get some recovery. Instead I did a bit of searching for a dresser and also began a bit of an art project. While waltzing around the city I was looking for a cutie to catch my eye and I was a bit disappointed. Where have all the hot people gone?

It scares me a bit when I can spend a few hours walking around the city and fail to find someone who I find attractive. This is not to say there were not attractive people, quite the contrary. Vancouver is filled with lots of wonderfully stunning creatures who saunter down the middle of the sidewalk in their lovely clothes. I do not find them attractive.

There is a certain quirkiness and individualism that I find attractive in others. I admire an individual who can push the limit on fashion while still staying within the parameters of attractive. It can be a fine line. When I go to a gay bar or lounge I see many attractive men who are all 'well' dressed in what is typical of today's Vancouver gay. Expensive name brand jeans and a t-shirt are the uniform of the evening on most nights. On special occasions there may even be the occasional button up shirt. It would be possible to take a snap shot of the group and compare it to the previous 5 years or the future 5 years and there would be very little variation.

I will acknowledge that trends are dangerous and in 10 years time I will look at my skinny corduroys and wonder what on earth I was thinking when I wore them. In the here and now they are the trend of the day and thus, being fashion conscious, I wear them proudly. Of course I am also a fan as the years of training have left me with skinny as my attractive quality (besides my wonderful personality and huge brain). Fitting comfortably into a pair of 27 waist skinny pants is truly exciting. I will note as well that skinny jeans are not for everyone and they are called skinny jeans for a reason. They are to be worn by skinny people.

What I would love to engage in is a street scene in which I could both find fashionable people and free and easy/open culture. I would love to find a queer and cool scene. My friend from Toronto was telling me of a district in the city filled with a confusing array of both queer and straight men who are grungy yet on the edge of fashion. My friend (who has been referred to previously as my gay life coach) also has his own eclectic style which I think will be neat to see. I hope to see this mystical section of Toronto when I visit and see some men that I find attractive.

I guess what I find lacking lately is ballsy attire and attitude with desire. There are some people who exude sexuality and confidence without seeming arrogant or rude. They are playful enough to look you in the eye with a twinkle in theirs. They have an ability to make one feel desired without feeling used or degraded. These individuals, whether male or female, can light up a room simply by walking through it. I guess what I am looking for is a bit of charisma.

Amid all the crap of American TV something that can be learned is the importance of personality showing through to make something beautiful and worth buying. Of course this wise lesson was learned from Tyra Banks who showed us the difference between something that is beautiful on the outside and something that can shine beauty from within. There is a lot to be said for charisma and I find it entirely enthralling how two individuals, in the exact same pose, with the same natural beauty, can appear so different in a photo. It is the difference in the eyes. Understand my tongue has been firmly planted in my cheek.

I must honestly advocate for the flirt and the power of difference. When I go out I am not looking for what every one else has. That is quite easy to obtain. What I am looking for is something different, something unafraid of who it is, something that will catch my attention, someone who sparkles. I never want to be normal or the same as someone else. I do not want someone who wants to be the same either. I guess dropping my romantic notions of love might be more difficult than I realized. Failing finding sparkle I will satisfy myself with the difference of income. Shallow?

It is a challenge to maintain difference in our increasingly homogenized culture. Cheers to being different. Cheers to the freak runner in skinny trousers!

Happy Training!

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