Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tempo Tuesday

I was able to run today!

I am very pleased to report I was able to run a tempo this evening. I arrived home from work feeling totally exhausted and drained. My legs felt like rubber and my heel was throbbing after a day on my feet. I changed quickly and was out the door of my glorious apartment in less than 10 minutes.

Upon hitting the Seawall to warm up I had a feeling of urgency to get this run completed. I was a bit revved up and had to convince myself to slow down and focus on easing into my run. When I am not feeling the best I will occasionally run fast in an effort to get my run over with. This is not a good habit. My heel was a bit tender and my quads tired, though my breathing much improved over last weekend.

I decided to run a 20 minute tempo in the trails of Stanley Park with a 5 minute hard piece on the Seawall after a short period of recovery. Upon starting the tempo pace I actually felt crisp and light with minimal effort needed to get through my stride. The 20 minutes went by fast and I was almost a bit disappointed I was finished. The second 5 minutes at a hard effort felt wonderful and I extended the effort a bit to finish at Third Beach. My heel was sore for the last few minutes of the hard section and for the whole cool down but not unmanageable. Actually both legs were quite sore which I will attribute to more miles on the track than I am accustomed to and my muscles trying to compensate for the pain in my heel. Tonight my heel is throbbing.

I am tickled to have been able to run my tempo tonight. I have been feeling on the ill side of healthy for a few days now and I continue to feel slightly under the weather. I have not been fully sick but rather verging on the border of not being able to get out of bed. Illness in combination with injury makes running tenuous at best. Being able to get my workout completed this evening means I can race on Friday night with confidence and aggression. I hope to run fast!

I have been doing a bit of art over the past few days. I was looking for something to go on a blank wall in my ocean kissed apartment. I did not find anything in the stores or thrift shops that caught my eye so I decided to make something instead. It is not avant garde or real art but I like it. Not too obvious but sweet!

I am also continuing to recover from my foray into the gay entertainment world. I had a bit of a debrief with someone who saw the show. He was amazed that I was able to remember all the steps and that I did not fuck up. I fucked up a lot and forgot half the moves. Just goes to show that if you sell the performance nobody is any the wiser!

Happy Training!

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