Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Tempo Tuesday has returned.

Today I ran around 10 miles with 30 minutes at tempo. It was a pretty unremarkable run. I had some fatigue in my legs from a tough week of training but I am starting to feel good and fit again. I did have to pull myself back a bit at times from running full throttle, though in the last 5 minutes of the tempo I ran hard. I am thinking that my lack of intensity on my interval days may be due to a bit of rust from the absence of tempos in the past few weeks. I will see how Thursday goes.

Generally I must be honest in admitting I am not a TV fan. Any time I stay in a hotel I am usually quite excited by the prospect of cable TV and all the entertainment I have been missing for the past few years. Shortly after turning on the brainless box I am usually bored of switching channels, unless I have found a good episode of the Family Guy. Last time I stayed in a hotel room I only lasted less than an hour with the TV before I opened my book to read instead. Needless to report I do not have TV in my apartment.

Instead I have started watching different documentaries from different Canadian websites. My favorite at the moment in the National Film Board Website. Tonight I watched an amazing film from a Field Hospital in Kenya which services the results of the civil war in Sudan. This film is not for the faint of heart.

It is absolutely heart breaking to see the misfortune and strife the individuals, captured through startling film making, endure. I feel so fortunate to live where I do. To be able to live a life where the biggest stress is not if there is enough food to eat but whether I will run a good workout or have a good race is a luxury. While I moan about trivial notions there is a world with pain and suffering unknown to me. A bit of perspective when my training is not necessarily how I want it to be.

This film also makes me proud to be Canadian. These are stories that are not often told. While our neighbor to the south ensures the world is bombarded with their inane pop culture and brain garbage our National Film Board is funding and capturing the invaluable stories of real individuals who are living a life unimaginable. I hope to continue to explore this wonderful electronic resource.

Happy Training!

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